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New Jersey Landscape Worker Injury Lawyers

New Jersey Landscape Worker Injury Lawyers

Landscaper Injury Attorneys in Totowa, NJ Represent Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Workers Hurt on the Job in Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, and Throughout NJ

Landscape workers are required to do their job in strenuous and potentially hazardous conditions. Landscapers often spend most of their workday outdoors, exposed to all kinds of weather conditions. Landscapers also use sharp tools, powered equipment, and potentially toxic materials in the course of their duties. As a result, landscape workers face numerous risks of injury in the course of their work. Are you a landscaper who was hurt on the job? Let New Jersey landscape worker injury lawyers with Camili & Capo, PA assist you with pursuing the financial recovery you may be entitled to.

At our firm, we understand that being injured in an accident on the job can upend your life. Because the law provides financial protections for employees who suffer injuries or illness due to their work, our firm will fight as long as necessary to see to it that you make the best recovery possible from your work injury or occupational illness. You can trust in our tenacity, legal experience, and skill in court and at the negotiating table to pursue the results you want and deserve in your case.

If you are a landscaper who was injured in the course of your job, get the legal advocacy you need to recover the compensation you may be legally entitled to. Reach out to Camili & Capo, PA today for a free initial claim review with a landscape accident attorney in Passaic County, NJ to learn more about your legal options for pursuing financial recovery for your injuries. 

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Common Injuries Suffered by Landscape Workers

Because landscape workers typically work with sharp tools and equipment, on-the-job injuries can be extremely serious. Landscape workers are also required to do heavy manual labor outdoors, which can also lead to other hazardous medical conditions. Examples of injuries that landscapers can suffer include:

What Options for Compensation Might an Injured Landscape Worker Have?

A landscape worker who is injured in the course and scope of their work may be eligible to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits available under the New Jersey workers’ comp system to employees who suffer a work injury or occupational illness include:

If a work injury occurs due to the fault of a third party, you may also have the option of pursuing financial recovery through a personal injury claim, which can provide you compensation for:

Let New Jersey Landscape Worker Injury Lawyers from Camili & Capo, PA Fight to Help You Recover from an On-the-Job Injury

If you are focused on treating and rehabilitating injuires you suffered on the job while working as a landscaper, turn to a landscape accident attorney in Passaic County, NJ from Camili & Capo, PA to help you by:

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Do not wait to get started with your legal claim to obtain financial compensation and benefits for an injury you suffered while working a landscaping job. Contact Camili & Capo, PA today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about what New Jersey landscape worker injury lawyers can do to assist you through the recovery process after being hurt on the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Landscape Worker Injuries in New Jersey

Can I file for workers’ comp if I was classified as an independent contractor?

Although workers’ compensation benefits are typically not available to independent contractors, you may be entitled to pursue a claim for workers’ comp if you were misclassified as an independent contractor. If you instead qualify as an employee, then you have the right to pursue workers’ comp benefits from your employer.

How long do I have to file for workers’ compensation?

Under the New Jersey workers’ compensation system, you should notify your employer of your work injury ideally within 14 days of the date you were injured but no later than 90 days. If you need to file a claim with the New Jersey Divison of Workers’ Compensation to contest your employer’s denial of your workers’ comp claim or your employer’s decision to terminate your benefits, you have two years from the date of your work injury or the termination of your benefits to file your claim with the state.

Can I pursue both a workers’ comp claim and a personal injury claim?

Possibly yes. If you were injured in your landscaping job due to the negligence or legal fault of a third party, you may pursue a personal injury claim in addition to filing for workers’ compensation benefits from your employer. For example, if you were injured by a defective tool or piece of equipment, you may have a product liability claim against the tool or equipment manufacturer. Or if you were injured by a hazardous condition of a client’s property, you may have a premises liability claim against the property owner. However, the state workers’ compensation act precludes you from filing a personal injury claim against your employer, making workers’ comp benefits your sole claim against your employer.

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