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New Jersey Occupational Exposure Lawyers

New Jersey Occupational Exposure LawyersNew Jersey Occupational Exposure Lawyers

Protect Your Rights And Pursue Fair Compensation With The Qualified Occupational Disease Attorneys In Totowa, NJ At Camili & Capo, PA—Serving Clients In Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, And Throughout NJ

Toxic substances, poisonous gases, irritants, and other workplace dangers can cause costly, painful, and life-long injuries and ailments. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries, diseases, illnesses, or damages of any kind as a result of work-related diseases or exposure to harmful substances, New Jersey occupational exposure lawyers at Camili & Capo, PA can help. Even if you have workers’ compensation coverage, our occupational exposure attorney in Passaic County, NJ can help you navigate the complexities of physical injury law, insurance claims, settlement negotiations, and trial proceedings.

Qualified New Jersey Occupational Exposure Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

OSHA Standard 1910.1030 defines occupational exposure as reasonably anticipated contact with harmful or infectious materials or substances such as contaminated blood or hazardous chemicals. Even if dealing with such substances is part of your job description, that does not absolve your employer or other parties such as chemical product manufacturers, packagers, and transporters from safely producing, packaging, and transporting such substances. If they fail to do so, they can be liable for any resultant damages and losses that you sustain.

You have the right to work in a safe environment, and there are OSHA, federal, and state guidelines that your employer must follow to meet those standards. A failure to do so is a failure to protect your rights. We fight for victims of this negligence so that they are compensated for the losses they suffer as a result. Contact experienced New Jersey occupational exposure lawyers at our firm today to secure your financial well-being after suffering a workplace injury involving occupational diseases and injuries.

Occupational Diseases And Hazards That A Disease Claim Attorney In Passaic County, NJ At Camili & Capo, PA Can Handle On Your Behalf

Here are a few examples of common occupational hazards and risks that can lead to serious illnesses, diseases, and injuries.

  • Blood-borne pathogens and infections: These commonly affect healthcare and food processing workers, from doctors, nurses, and medics to dental workers, veterinarians, zoo workers, and meat packaging personnel.
  • Infections and pathogens in closed environments: Correctional facility workers, prison guards, jail administrators, and the healthcare workers and maintenance crews that work in such facilities can contract illnesses from sick individuals living or working in closed-off environs.
  • Tattoo, salon, and body art workers: Anyone working in tattoo parlors, body piercing kiosks, and even barber shops and salons can easily come into contact with blood, bodily fluids, and contaminated needles. 
  • Sanitation and waste management personnel: People working in waste management, trash collection, and facility upkeep may regularly have to clean up or come into contact with toxic molds, fungi, human or animal excrement, and spoiled or contaminated substances.
  • Industrial workers: Miners involved in drilling and blasting can sustain blast or heavy machinery injuries and can come into contact with dangerous, even cancerous substances such as silica. The same applies to construction, railroad, and welding workers who can be harmed by asbestos, dangerous paints, diesel fuel, thermal elements, fertilizers, and airborne allergens.
  • Chemical plant employees: Many industries use dangerous bulk chemicals such as chlorine, sulfuric acid, and hydrogen peroxide, as well as specialty chemicals such as adhesives and cosmetics, which can harm the workers who handle or use them.

This non-exhaustive list paints a pretty stark picture: workplace dangers are all around us, and a single point of failure, a moment’s negligence, or intentionally ignoring important workplace safety protocols can lead to serious injuries or even death. You have the right to compensation if this happens to you, so call New Jersey occupational exposure lawyers at our firm today so that we can file an insurance claim and pursue your case while you focus on recovering.

Common Ailments And Injuries Associated With Occupational Exposure

Occupational exposure cases often involve one or more of the following health issues and injuries:

  • Respiratory inflammation
  • Stomach or gut pain
  • Live and kidney damage
  • Skin rashes
  • Reproductive irregularities
  • Brain injuries
  • Lesions and cancers
  • Deteriorating physical health

A failure to identify, diagnose, and treat these ailments can lead to irreparable damage to you and long-term pain and suffering for you and your family. An early occupational exposure medical diagnosis can potentially save your life and prevent long-lasting physical damage or illness.

How A Qualified Occupational Exposure Attorney In Passaic County, NJ Can Help

Contacting an attorney with experience in occupational exposure claims is important for getting diagnosed, securing your physical and financial well-being, and protecting yourself from the long-term effects of work-related injuries and diseases.

Our team will:

  • Investigate your case
  • Gather evidence
  • Quantify your damages
  • Link your work-related disease or ailment to work-related exposure or diseases

We do this to ensure that you are compensated for:

  • Medical bills, including co-pays, specialist fees, medication costs, and therapy expenses
  • Lost income and career advancement opportunities, as well as earning potential
  • The emotional distress and psychological trauma suffered by you and your family

We will also help protect you from retaliation by your employer, not to mention the delay and deny tactics of insurers who will strive to minimize or outrightly reject your claim. We will also represent you in court if your claim goes to trial.

Contact Top-Rated New Jersey Occupational Exposure Lawyers At Camili & Capo, PA For A Free Case Evaluation

Time is of the essence for occupational exposure and disease claims, so do not delay and contact our team today so that we can review your case, initiate an investigation, and file a claim if your situation warrants one.

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