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Paterson, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Paterson, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights For The Rights Of The Accused In Passaic County and Throughout New Jersey

Being charged with a crime can feel unreal. Overwhelming. Terrifying. And while your head is spinning with this reality, you may not be thinking about your rights. But don’t worry — at Camili Law, LLC, we are thinking about your rights. In fact, our Paterson, NJ criminal defense lawyer aggressively fights to protect those rights every step of the way through the criminal process.

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Trusted Paterson, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer Has Extensive Experience Handling All Kinds Of Criminal Cases

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense, you want a criminal defense attorney who has experience fighting drug charges. If you were charged with assault, you need a criminal attorney who understands the different types of assault charges in New Jersey. In short, you want someone who knows what you are up against and has the experience to successfully defend you against the charges. That’s what you get with Camili Law, LLC — a trusted Paterson, NJ criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience handling all kinds of criminal cases including — but not limited to — any of the following:

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New Jersey’s Legal Time Limits For Filing A Criminal Charge

All states have legal deadlines for filing claims, which are known as statutes of limitations. In New Jersey, there are several statutes of limitations for prosecutors to bring criminal charges against an individual. These legal deadlines depend upon the type of criminal offense, and are as follows:

Prominent Paterson, NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer at Camili Law, LLC Skillfully Defends Clients Charged With Criminal Offenses Throughout New Jersey

Paterson NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you are facing a criminal charge, you want every tool at your disposal to fight the charges against you. At Camili Law, LLC, our prominent Paterson, NJ criminal defense lawyer uses all available resources to develop a strong defense — including drawing from years of experience as a former New Jersey prosecutor.

With knowledge, insight, and skill, Camili Law, LLC protects the rights of the accused and works tirelessly for a successful outcome in each case. To learn more about how a dedicated Paterson criminal charges attorney can help your case, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with our legal team today.

About Paterson, New Jersey

Paterson, New Jersey is the county seat of Passaic County and is also the largest city in the county, with approximately 146,893 residents. In Paterson, the greatest number of crimes reported to law enforcement in 2018 were property crimes, with 3,564 incidents reported. This was followed by crimes of larceny/theft, with 2,326 incidents reported to law enforcement in 2018. Violent crimes totaled 1,076 incidents reported to law enforcement in 2018, followed by 797 reported burglaries in Paterson. There were 532 robberies reported to law enforcement in Paterson in 2018, along with 482 reported aggravated assaults and 441 reported motor vehicle thefts. In Paterson, there were 49 rapes reported to law enforcement in 2018, along with 13 incidents of murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, and eight reported arsons.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Criminal Defense in Paterson, New Jersey

How does expungement work for criminal offenses in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, expungement depends upon the type of criminal offense. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed an expungement reform bill into law that significantly expands an individual’s eligibility for expungement. But this legislation does not apply to all criminal offenses; there are some criminal offenses that may not be expunged. For example, if an individual has been convicted of a serious crime — such as aggravated assault, robbery, or murder — these crimes are not eligible for expungement in New Jersey. The same applies for crimes such as driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol —  this criminal record may also not be expunged. In New Jersey, DUI convictions are considered traffic offenses and expungement only apply to criminal convictions. This new law has other provisions which enable an individual to clear his or her entire criminal record of arrests and convictions ten years after their most recent conviction. If you or a loved one has a criminal record and you have questions regarding whether you may have your record expunged in the state of New Jersey, arrange for a free, no-obligation consultation with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney at Camili Law, LLC.

FAQ: A family member was arrested. What is the first thing we should do?

If your family member was arrested in New Jersey, there are several steps to take immediately after the arrest that can have an impact on the outcome of your case. First and foremost, consult with an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney. A qualified, experienced criminal attorney will protect the rights of your family member and secure their prompt release from jail. A skilled criminal charges attorney will also review the prosecution’s evidence against your family member and conduct an investigation into the alleged crime. A criminal defense lawyer will pursue any opportunities for a plea bargain with the prosecuting attorney and build a strategic, personalized defense of the criminal charges brought against your family member. Experienced Paterson, NJ criminal defense lawyer at Camili Law, LLC offers a free, confidential consultation to those who have been arrested and their family members. Arrange a confidential case evaluation today.

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