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Kearny Criminal Defense Attorney

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Criminal Lawyer in Kearny, NJ, Successfully Defending Clients in Hudson County and Throughout NJ

Being arrested in New Jersey may be frightening, but there’s hope if you have a good lawyer. Whether you’re being charged with a disorderly person offense (misdemeanor) or a serious indictable crime (felony), a Kearny criminal defense attorney can help you fight the charges and possibly regain your freedom.

The key is to find an experienced lawyer who specializes in criminal defense in local courts. At Camili & Capo, PA, we’ve been working in the NJ justice system and appearing in court almost daily for years. Having worked in both prosecution and defense, we have the perfect set of skills and experience to give you the best defense.

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Even when you’re facing minor charges, it’s still worth consulting a criminal defense attorney. For example, drug possession or DUI charges can become serious if you have no one to defend your rights in court. Whether you’ve just been arrested or you’re out on bail, call our top-level criminal lawyer in Kearny, NJ, to get instant help.

Experienced Defense Attorney Fighting Indictable Crimes in NJ

Kearny Criminal Defense AttorneyKearny Criminal Defense Attorney

Your lawyer’s experience in the local court system is probably your biggest advantage when you’re fighting serious indictable crimes in New Jersey. It doesn’t help if your lawyer has 20 years of experience but spent most of them behind a corporate desk or in divorce court.

A defense lawyer who specializes in criminal law and has successfully defended clients at trial gains superior knowledge and skills. They know the judges, prosecutors, and all the subtle ways the case can be turned in your favor. For example, it’s often beneficial to delay a case, take a plea deal, or consult colleagues at the right time.

Other times, it pays to adopt more aggressive tactics such as going to trial, filing endless motions, or contesting every issue and attacking state witnesses. Having worked in prosecution for over seven years, Mr. Camili and other lawyers at Camili & Capo, PA, have the experience and skills to defend our clients in Hudson County and NJ.

Facing Serious Charges? Talk to an Expert Criminal Defense Attorney in Kearny, NJ

If you’re facing serious charges such as first and second-degree indictable crimes, it’s important to know that your case can attract 10 or more years of prison time even if you’re a first-offender. It’s vital that you work with a lawyer who can mount a highly strategic and effective defense.

There are defense tactics that work consistently with some types of charges, but a good lawyer knows how to evaluate changing circumstances and shift to a more effective strategy. The most common defense strategies include:

  • The alibi defense, which involves proving that you weren’t where the crime was committed at the time
  • Consent, which can be effective against sexual charges
  • Self-defense, especially if a group of people is involved
  • No conclusive proof, which means attacking the prosecution’s case until it no longer meets the burden of proof
  • Entrapment, which involves proving that the police tricked or forced you into committing the crime for which you’re charged
  • Violations of constitutional rights, such as illegal search and seizure

Your lawyer will determine which type of defense will work best for you. You need a lawyer you can trust to do whatever it takes to get you acquitted or at least minimize your penalty, depending on the circumstances. If you’re facing serious criminal charges, talk to a Kearny criminal defense attorney today.

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Criminal Lawyer in Kearny, NJ, Protecting Clients’ Rights and Freedom in Hudson County and Throughout NJ

According to the New Jersey Constitution, the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution has the difficult job of meeting the burden of proof “beyond any reasonable doubt.”

However, the State’s prosecution has vast resources at its disposal, including investigative divisions and expert witnesses who will appear on request. The State can also get motions and warrants easily, while the defense has to work hard and incur high costs.

This is why you shouldn’t just hire any defense lawyer. Established criminal attorneys in Hudson County and NJ have valuable connections and resources in the justice system that ensure you get sufficient protection and defense.

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Call a Kearny Criminal Lawyer if You’re Under Investigation

When you consult a criminal lawyer early, they can protect you from civil violations such as illegal searches and arrests. They will also monitor your interrogation and questioning by police to ensure you aren’t entrapped or manipulated to incriminate yourself.

Sometimes the police say, “Just come down and talk to us so that we can clear this matter up.” However, they don’t tell you that since you’re not yet under custody, they don’t have to read you your rights. They don’t have to say you can have a lawyer present or that you don’t have to answer any questions.

Worst of all, the police can use these interviews to get you to reveal information that can be used against you in court. Police also use other tactics during investigations, such as intimidation, misdirection, and confrontation. Often, clients are tricked into waiving their rights to silence and to an attorney, which is probably the worst move you can make.

If you’re under investigation for any crime, talk to Camili & Capo, PA, criminal defense attorneys now. We’ll come at once to your aid and help you protect your constitutional rights against the police and other government officials.

Did you know that police are allowed to lie or even manipulate suspects to get a confession? They argue that an innocent person can’t confess to a crime they didn’t commit, but we know it’s different in reality. Even if you think the police don’t have a strong case, do not take chances with your freedom. Call us now and talk to an expert criminal lawyer in Kearny, NJ.

Criminal Lawyer in Kearny, NJ, Protecting Clients With Disorderly Person Offenses in Hudson County and Throughout NJ

Camili & Capo, PA, is a team of dedicated criminal defense attorneys operating in Hudson County and throughout New Jersey. We work hard to defend our clients’ rights and ensure they get a fair trial and help them get an acquittal or a reduced penalty.

We promise to work with you every step of the way and make sure you understand what’s going on. We commit to leaving no stone unturned and ensuring all available defense options are explored, no matter the charge.

Contact us now to talk to a criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

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