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"Mr. Camili has provided an excellent service and put his excellent knowledge in law on full display. He demonstrated professionalism and personal attention to my case. He was smart, kind and friendly, I highly recommend Mr. Camili and am very grateful for his excellence service!"

- H. Kazaferi (Former Client)

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Former Prosecutor Fighting For Your Rights

As a former criminal prosecutor with years of experience in the courtroom handling some of the most complex cases in the state, Krenar Camili, Esq. has the experience and skill to fully represent your interests, including taking your case to trial if necessary. That way, you never have to accept anything less than the best possible results in your matter.

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This man has helped me so much! Helped lots of my friends get out of some sticky situations.

V. Lumani (Former Client)

Top Rated Passaic County Trial Lawyer

Highly-Rated Passaic County Trial Lawyer Represents Clients Throughout New Jersey in Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Employment Law & Workers Compensation Legal Matters

Facing a legal matter is no easy task for any person. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident or on the job, arrested for a crime, or need to protect your legal rights and interests, the justice system can seem confusing. In addition, the idea of needing to go to court can convince many people to give up the fight or important rights. When you have a legal matter in Passaic County or elsewhere throughout New Jersey, you need aggressive, dedicated legal representation that will protect and fight for your rights and interests. At Camili Law, LLC, top-rated Passaic County trial lawyer, Krenar Camili, represents clients in personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal defense, and civil litigation matters.

Contact Camili Law, LLC for a free case review if you have a personal injury, criminal defense, employment law, civil litigation, or workers’ compensation matter to learn more about how a knowledgeable attorney can help you to get the results you want and need in your case.

Camili Law, LLC Helps Injured Accident Victims Recover Financial Compensation and Accountability

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and was caused by someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or other legal fault, you deserve to be fully compensated for your injuries, damages, and financial and personal losses. You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than fair compensation and accountability from those responsible for your injuries.

Insurance companies are always looking to get you to accept far less than what your case is worth. When you are represented by Camili Law, LLC the insurance companies will know that you are prepared to pursue your case as long as it takes. With years of experience inside the courtroom, Krenar Camili, Esq. has the confidence and skill to take your personal injury claim to trial in order to pursue full compensation for you. Insurance companies that know you are willing to fight for as long as it takes are more likely to offer you the fair and full settlement you deserve.

Camili Law, LLC can help when you’ve been injured in accidents such as:

Don’t delay in starting the process of pursuing financial recovery after you’ve been hurt through no fault of your own. Let Camili Law, LLC aggressively pursue the results you deserve in your personal injury claim.

Hurt on the Job? Camili Law, LLC Will Fight to Secure Your Right to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you’ve suffered from a work-related injury or illness, you deserve to receive workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey law. When your employer isn’t providing the full scope of benefits you believe you deserve or is denying you benefits altogether, Krenar Camili, Esq. will aggressively pursue the benefits you need and deserve, including medical treatments, wage replacement benefits, and disability benefits.

Camili Law, LLC Brings Extensive Expertise in New Jersey’s Criminal Justice System to Defend the Rights of Clients Charged with Offenses

With over seven years of experience as a prosecutor, including serving as a supervisor of the trial division of the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office, Krenar Camili, Esq. knows the New Jersey criminal justice system inside and out. More importantly, he knows how prosecutors build criminal cases and can identify weaknesses in the case against you to build strong, effective legal defense strategies to get your charges reduced or dismissed and to fight for an acquittal at trial.

Facing criminal charges and the prospect of incarceration and a lifetime of the stigma of a criminal record can be an incredibly stressful experience. Let Camili Law, LLC defend your freedom and future when you are facing charges such as:

When the stakes are high and your freedom is on the line, you deserve an attorney that is prepared to fight all the way on your behalf. Krenar Camili, Esq. has the confidence and experience to fight for your rights and interests, even when your criminal case goes to trial.

Experienced Litigator Guides Clients through Civil Litigation Matters in Passaic County and Throughout New Jersey

Advocating and defending your legal rights through civil litigation can seem like a daunting task. However, a knowledgeable attorney on your side can make the process much easier and give you a sense of confidence that your rights are being protected. As a seasoned litigation, Krenar Camili, Esq. can help you through civil litigation matters such as:

With an attorney in your corner who isn’t afraid of standing up for your interests in court, you can rest assured that you will have a much better chance at securing your preferred outcomes in your civil law matter.

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If you’ve been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, arrested for a crime, or are facing the prospect of civil litigation to protect your rights and interests, you need aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation to help guide you through the process and to fight to get you the outcomes you need and deserve. Let Attorney Krenar Camili bring years of legal experience both inside and outside the courtroom to work on your behalf. Reach out to a top rated Passaic County trial lawyer at Camili Law, LLC today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to discuss the details of your matter and to find out what we can do to help you.