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NJ Workers’ Compensation for Undocumented Workers

NJ Workers’ Compensation for Undocumented Workers

Immigrant Work Injury Attorney in Passaic County, NJ Fights for the Rights of Hardworking Undocumented Immigrants Hurt on the Job

Undocumented immigrants unfortunately work some of the hardest, most dangerous jobs available, usually for minimal pay. This puts these workers at significant risk of serious physical harm. But you may be surprised to learn that, regardless of the legality of such an employment arrangement, undocumented workers in New Jersey are entitled to the same workers’ comp benefits as any other employee in the state. But given the difficulties of their situation, injured undocumented workers often face significant challenges in obtaining the benefits they deserve under the law. The law firm of Camili & Capo, PA stands ready to fight for NJ workers’ compensation for undocumented workers. 

Our firm has the experience, skill, and tenacity to fully represent your interests, including taking your case to a workers’ comp hearing or to court if necessary. You should not be bullied or threatened out of the financial benefits available to you in the workers’ compensation system. If you are an undocumented worker who was hurt on the job, you have legal rights to financial compensation regardless of your immigration status. Reach out to Camili & Capo, PA for a free initial claim review to discuss how we can help you pursue the workers’ compensation benefits you need and deserve. 

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Common Work Injuries Suffered by Undocumented Workers

Undocumented workers frequently work in jobs that require extensive manual labor and expose workers to numerous injury hazards. As a result, undocumented workers may suffer a wide range of serious, debilitating injuries, such as:

What Benefits Are Available Under the Workers’ Compensation System?

Undocumented workers who work for pay are entitled to all the same benefits available to other eligible workers under the workers’ comp system in New Jersey. These benefits include:

In addition, if a worker’s death is caused by a work injury or occupational disease, their surviving dependents may be entitled to death benefits under workers’ compensation, which include contributions towards funeral and burial expenses and financial payments to the worker’s dependents. 

How Will an Immigrant Work Injury Attorney in Passaic County, NJ from Camili & Capo, PA Help You Protect Your Rights to Benefits?

If you are an undocumented worker who was hurt on the job, you should not have to fight for the workers’ compensation benefits you need and deserve on your own. Get the legal representation you need to protect your rights and interests. When you turn to Camili & Capo, PA for help after a work accident, our firm will fight on your behalf by:

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Contact Our Firm for a Confidential Case Evaluation to Go Over Your Legal Options

Do not give up your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits simply because you are worried about your undocumented immigration status. Contact Camili & Capo, PA today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about your legal options and protections under New Jersey law if you were injured on the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions about NJ Workers’ Compensation for Undocumented Workers

What are my rights if my employer fired me or reported me to ICE after I filed a workers’ compensation claim?

Under New Jersey workers’ compensation law, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against a worker because they filed a claim for workers’ comp. If your employer undertakes an adverse action against you, such as terminating your employment, reducing your hours or wages, assigning you to undesirable work tasks, or reporting your immigration status to the authorities, you may have the right to recover additional compensation in a workers’ comp retaliation claim. In addition, even if your employer fires you or if you are deported, your employer remains liable to provide you with workers’ comp benefits.

How long do I have after a work accident to file a workers’ comp claim?

If you were injured on the job, you should report the work accident to your employer within 14 days, but no later than 90 days after the accident. And if you need to file a formal claim with the New Jersey Division of Workers’ Compensation, you have two years from the date of a work accident to file the claim, or two years from the date that you were last paid workers’ comp benefits if you are challenging the termination of your benefits.

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