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Confident Personal Injury Lawyer Fights for the Rights and Interests of Those Seriously Injured in Motorcycle Accidents in Passaic County and Throughout New Jersey

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating way to travel, but sharing the road on a motorcycle with other vehicles is not without its risks. Even a rider who takes every reasonable precaution still faces the possibility of being injured due to the negligence or recklessness of other drivers. A motorcycle accident can easily leave a rider with significant and life-altering injuries and disabilities. When you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have medical bills for your treatment piling up all while you may be unable to work and earn a living to pay your normal bills and expenses. Krenar Camili, Esq. and Joseph Capo, Esq. are experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys who have argued some of the most difficult and complex cases before juries and are more than prepared to take your case to trial. You can trust that an experienced Paterson motorcycle accident lawyer from our firm will do what it takes to pursue the outcome you deserve.

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If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash through no fault of your own, let Camili & Capo, PA fight to hold the negligent or reckless driver or other at-fault party responsible for your injuries and damages. When your recovery and future are on the line in your motorcycle accident case, you need legal representation that has the experience and confidence to see your case all the way to trial if needed. 

Contact Camili & Capo, PA for a free case evaluation to discuss how dedicated personal injury attorney Krenar Camili, Esq. and Joseph Capo, Esq. can help you obtain the financial recovery you deserve for your injuries and losses after you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident through no fault of your own.

Compensation You May Be Entitled to Following a Motorcycle Crash

A motorcycle rider has very little protection in the event of an accident. A motorcycle crash, particularly one involving a collision with another motor vehicle, can easily result in catastrophic injury. If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you may be able to seek financial compensation for damages you incurred from the accident, such as:

In addition, you may also be entitled to compensation for property damage you suffered in the accident, including the damage to your motorcycle.


Work Injury


Slip and Fall Accident


Car Accident

How a Trusted Paterson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer from Camili & Capo, PA Can Help You Pursue Your Motorcycle Accident Case

After you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash, you may quickly find yourself facing obstacles and difficulties getting the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies. That’s why you need an aggressive Paterson motorcycle accident lawyer that will fight to get you every penny you deserve. Krenar Camili, Esq. and Joseph Capo, Esq. can help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve from your motorcycle accident claim by:

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If you’ve been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, don’t wait to begin seeking financial recovery from those at fault for the crash. Contact a dedicated Paterson motorcycle accident lawyer at Camili & Capo, PA today for a free initial consultation to learn more about your legal rights and options for holding negligent motorists and other parties accountable to compensate you for your injuries and damages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Accidents in New Jersey

Will it affect my case if the other driver claims that I was at fault for the crash?

Potentially. In New Jersey, motorcycle accident claims follow the comparative negligence rule. Under this rule, an injured motorcycle accident victim is not barred from pursuing a claim against another motorist for the damages the rider suffered in the crash, so long as the rider is not more at fault for the accident than the party they are seeking compensation from. So you can still pursue a claim even if you share some of the fault for the accident. However, your total compensation will be reduced by your share of fault for the accident. For example, if you suffered $100,000 in damages from a motorcycle accident that you are found to have been 25 percent at fault for, your compensation may be reduced by $25,000 to reflect your share of fault.

What happens if the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance coverage to compensate me for my injuries?

In New Jersey, motor vehicle insurers are required to provide uninsured motorist coverage and offer underinsured motorist coverage in each policy. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage in your motorcycle policy and the other driver turns out to either not have insurance or not enough insurance coverage to fully compensate you for your damages, you may be able to turn to your own insurance policy for compensation. Camili & Capo, PA can review your case and help you understand your options for filing a claim with your own insurance company for compensation.

How much does a lawyer cost?

The great anxiety that people have when they meet with attorneys is the cost associated with quality legal representation. That’s understandable. But with Camili & Capo, PA, we’re always trying to get top dollar for your injuries, because we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

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