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Paramus Uber Accident Lawyer

Dedicated Lyft Accident Attorney in Paramus, NJ Fights for the Compensation and Coverage You Deserve from Ridesharing Accident Cases in Bergen County and Throughout New Jersey

Paramus Uber Accident Lawyer

In cities such as Paramus, many people rely on ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft for getting to work or school and as a convenient transportation option for travel at night. These services are also used frequently by people who do not have a vehicle of their own. However, despite the convenience they provide, Uber and Lyft vehicles are often involved in accidents. When otherwise private vehicles are used in a commercial capacity and are involved in an accident, many complex legal issues can arise. To learn more about your options for compensation and what to do if you were involved in an accident with a rideshare vehicle, our Paramus Uber accident lawyer is just a call away. Our team of dedicated legal professionals and our Lyft accident attorney in Paramus, NJ can help you navigate the insurance and personal injury laws that you must be familiar with if you are to file for and win the compensation you deserve after an accident. Contact us today to learn more.

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What To Do After Suffering an Uber or Lyft Accident in Paramus, NJ

If you were involved in an Uber or Lyft accident in Paramus, you may not know what to do. A lack of familiarity with the law cannot be used as an excuse for doing or not doing certain things after an accident – actions that can have a direct impact on your liability and culpability after an accident. You may also lose important rights or even compensation in legal claims that you file pertaining to the accident if other parties can bring forth proof of your actions that prove you were at fault for an accident.

As soon as you are involved in an accident with a ridesharing vehicle or are injured while using ridesharing services, you should:

The Experienced Lyft Accident Attorney in Paramus, NJ with Camili & Capo, PA Has Developed Winning Legal Strategies for Our Clients’ Uber and Lyft Accident Cases

At Camili & Capo, PA, our Paramus Uber accident lawyer understands the legal and financial complexities that Uber and Lyft accidents can pose to our clients. We are always up to date with all ridesharing laws and regulations, and we closely follow new cases and rulings that can be used in our clients’ favor.

After an Uber or Lyft accident, our Uber and Lyft accident attorney in Paramus, NJ will:

We provide these services at no cost to you. We only get paid if you win your case. By providing legal guidance and representation on a contingency basis, you can focus on recovering after your accident and getting your life back on track while leaving the difficulties of gathering evidence, filing claims, and negotiating with insurance and ridesharing companies to our team of dedicated Paramus Uber accident lawyers.


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If you or a loved one was injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in Params and you were not at fault, you may have grounds for a financial compensation claim for your injuries and all accident-related losses and damages. Let a knowledgeable and experienced Uber and Lyft accident attorney in Paramus, NJ help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve. Contact Camili & Capo, PA today for a free consultation. We will help you understand your legal rights and the options you have for securing the best possible result for your case.

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About Paramus, New Jersey

A borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, is called Paramus. The distance between Paramus, a suburb of New York City, and Midtown Manhattan is roughly 15 to 20 miles. The borough of Paramus, which was founded in 1922, is renowned for having of of the nation’s harshest blue laws, which prohibit many local businesses from being open on Sundays. However, Paramus is also among the biggest shopping centers in the nation. Although substantial residential and commercial development took place after the completion of the George Washington Bridge and connected highways leading to Paramus, the community of Paramus was predominantly agricultural for much of its history, helping to give New Jersey the nickname “Garden State.” Today, Paramus is home to numerous sizable indoor shopping malls as well as the corporate offices of numerous national and international businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uber and Lyft Accidents in Paramus, NJ

Will my Uber or Lyft accident claim go to court?

In most cases, your Uber or Lyft accident claim – like most other motor vehicle accident cases – will likely be settled out of court via a negotiated settlement. This is the process by which you seek a fair resolution to your claim and hold those responsible for your injuries and damages liable for paying you the full and fair compensation you deserve. However, ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are for-profit entities and they will not shy away from refusing compensation if they feel they have any grounds to do so. This is why you must speak with our Paramus Uber accident lawyer so that you are not taken advantage of and are represented by a seasoned attorney in all accident-related filings, negotiations, and agreements.

What is my Uber/Lyft accident case worth?

It all depends on the extent of the damages you sustained and the severity of your injuries. You can file a claim for medical treatment, lost income, property damage, and other accident-related losses if you can prove that those losses were, in fact, accident-related and that you were not at fault for the accident. Contact our Lyft accident attorney in Paramus, NJ for assistance with gathering the evidence needed to connect your losses and damages to your accident and filing for the compensation you deserve.

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