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New Jersey Airbnb Accident Lawyers

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Compassionate Airbnb Property Injury Attorneys In Totowa, NJ Fight On Behalf Of Clients In Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, And Throughout NJ That Are Injured In Airbnbs And Other Short-Term Rental Property Accidents

Online platforms such as Airbnb allow people to book short-term rental properties. These properties are usually residential-style properties such as houses or condominium units, which are rented out by the owner of the property through the Airbnb platform. Unfortunately, this kind of system leads to listings on these short-term rental platforms including properties with defective or hazardous conditions on their premises that can lead to accidents. If you have been injured while staying at an Airbnb or other short-term rental property, New Jersey Airbnb accident lawyers can help you pursue your options for recovering compensation.

At Camili & Capo PA, we believe that fair and full financial recovery in your case should cover all your financial expenses and personal losses, including medical bills, lost wages and income, personal property damage, physical pain, emotional suffering, and lost quality of life. But parties that may have liability to provide you with accountability and compensation may try to get you to accept far less than the fair value of your claim. With Camili & Capo PA in your corner, you can trust that we will be prepared to fight as long as needed to get you the financial recovery you deserve, including pursuing your claims in court and at trial if necessary.

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When you were injured in an accident at an Airbnb or other vacation or short-term rental, contact our firm for a free initial case review to see how New Jersey Airbnb accident lawyers can help you to pursue financial recovery for the harm and loss that you have endured through no fault of your own. 

Types Of Accidents That Occur In Airbnb Or Other Short-Term Rental Properties

New Jersey Airbnb Accident LawyersNew Jersey Airbnb Accident Lawyers

Common kinds of accidents that guests of Airbnbs or other short-term rentals may suffer include:

  • Slip and fall accidents, including slips inside tubs or showers, or slips on walkways or steps leading up to the property
  • Trip and fall accidents, including tripping on broken steps or stairs, on torn or loose carpets or rugs, on broken tiles or wood flooring, or on furniture or loose wires and cords
  • Falls from heights, including falls from open lofts or raised decks
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Fires, including electrical fires, kitchen fires, or out-of-control fireplaces
  • Infections, including due to bacteria, mold, or parasites such as bed bugs
  • Assaults, including sexual assault, which may be caused by inadequate security such as a lack of locks or poor review and oversight of rental requests (which may lead to unauthorized parties)

Guests can suffer a wide variety due to Airbnb accidents, including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, burn and smoke inhalation injuries, head and traumatic brain injuries, internal organ injuries, or disease.

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Seeking Compensation After An Airbnb Accident

When you suffer injuries due to dangerous or hazardous conditions of the Airbnb you were staying at, you may be entitled to hold the property owner liable for your injuries under a claim of premises liability. However, victims of Airbnb accidents may face issues recovering compensation from property owners. While a homeowner would normally be entitled to turn to their homeowners’ insurance company to cover liability for injuries suffered by a visitor, most homeowners’ insurance policies expressly exclude coverage for injuries that arise from someone staying in the property as a short-term rental.

Fortunately, Airbnb provides insurance coverage to its hosts that provide money if a guest or other visitor to the property is injured by dangerous or defective conditions of the property. This insurance policy offers up to $1 million. Although Airbnb offers this coverage for free, hosts can choose to opt-out. In addition, other short-term rental platforms may not offer similar insurance coverage for the properties it lists.

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    Work Injury
  • $35T
    Slip and Fall Accidents
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    Car Accidents

New Jersey Airbnb Accident Lawyers From Camili & Capo PA Will Work Tirelessly To Pursue Maximum Financial Recovery For You

When you have been injured by an accident that occurred while staying at an Airbnb, you may not know where to start to begin the process of recovering compensation for your expenses and losses. Determining who can be held liable is a legally complex matter. Let a New Jersey Airbnb accident from Camili & Capo PA handle all the work necessary to pursue financial recovery for you, including:

  • Investigating the accident to recover evidence that can show what caused your injuries and identify the party or parties who can be held liable to compensate you for your losses.
  • Documenting your injuries and expenses and calculating your past, ongoing, and future anticipated losses.
  • Identifying applicable insurance coverages, such as the Airbnb owner’s insurance or insurance coverage provided through Airbnb.
  • Filing claims on your behalf and aggressively pursuing a settlement that pays you fair compensation as soon as possible.
  • Filing suit in your case when litigation becomes the best path for fighting to get you the financial recovery you need and deserve.

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After you have been hurt while staying in a vacation or short-term rental, contact Camili & Capo PA for a free, no-obligation consultation to speak with New Jersey Airbnb accident lawyers from our firm to learn more about your legal rights and options. 

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