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New Jersey Juvenile Crime Lawyers

Reputable Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys in Totowa, NJ Defend the Freedom and Future of Young People Charged with Crimes in Passaic County, Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County, and Throughout NJ

Juveniles are capable of committing many of the same criminal offenses as adults. However, in many cases, juveniles engage in criminal conduct due to a lack of maturity. As a result, when juveniles face the criminal justice system in New Jersey, the system is tailored to help rehabilitate juvenile criminal offenders so that they can lead law-abiding, productive lives as adults. Nevertheless, being convicted of a crime as a juvenile can have serious immediate and long-lasting consequences for a young person, including the possibility of detention and a criminal record that can impact a juvenile’s educational and employment opportunities as they are starting out in life. If your child has been arrested for a criminal offense, you need aggressive legal representation from one of our qualified New Jersey juvenile crime lawyers to help protect your son or daughter’s rights, freedom, and future. 

With years of experience as a former New Jersey prosecutor, Krenar Camili, Esq. and his law partner Joseph Capo, Esq. of Camili & Capo, PA have the expertise needed to help your child and your family pursue the best possible outcome to your daughter or son’s juvenile crimes charges. It can be incredibly stressful for your family when your child is facing the juvenile criminal justice system. Let Krenar Camili, Esq. and Joseph Capo, Esq. advocate on behalf of your child for a reduced sentence, dismissal, or acquittal.

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Contact Camili & Capo, PA for a free case evaluation with a dedicated criminal defense lawyer if your son or daughter has been arrested for a juvenile criminal offense to learn more about your child’s legal rights and options for resolving their charges.

How the Juvenile Justice System Works in New Jersey

New Jersey Juvenile Crime Lawyers

New Jersey’s criminal justice system for juvenile offenders is designed to balance the need for maintaining public safety while preserving the unity of juvenile offenders with their families and providing them with sanctions aimed at rehabilitation and enabling juveniles to become law-abiding and productive members of society. As a result, the potential case dispositions and sentencing options available in the juvenile justice system are much more varied than the dispositions and sentences available in the adult criminal justice system. 

Juvenile crimes can result in sentencing outcomes such as:

If a juvenile charged with a crime is 15 years or older and has been charged with certain criminal offenses, including drug trafficking or distribution, aggravated assault, sexual assault, or homicide, the prosecutor can request the juvenile’s transfer to the adult criminal justice system.  A court may only grant transfer if the state can show that an evaluation of the statutory factors supports the transfer.

How our Trusted New Jersey Juvenile Crime Lawyers from Camili & Capo, PA Can Help If Your Son or Daughter Has Been Arrested and Charged with a Crime

Although the juvenile criminal justice system can seem less serious than the adult criminal justice system, that doesn’t mean that your family should take it less seriously. If your son or daughter has been arrested for a juvenile crime in New Jersey, Camili & Capo, PA will work tirelessly to help your child obtain the best possible outcome in their case by:

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Juvenile charges may be one of the most critical events in your child’s development. With so much on the line, you need one of our battle-tested juvenile criminal defense attorneys in Totowa, NJ that has the experience, skill, and confidence to be ready to fight on behalf of your child all the way to trial if needed.

Don’t let your son’s or daughter’s youthful mistake lead to serious consequences to their freedom and future. Call or contact one of our experienced juvenile criminal defense attorneys in Totowa, NJ from Camili & Capo, PA today for a free initial case review to discuss the details of your child’s juvenile charges and to learn more about their rights and options for a legal strategy to defend against their charges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Juvenile Crimes in New Jersey

Can a juvenile be tried as an adult?

Under New Jersey law, juveniles 15 and older can be tried as adults for certain serious criminal offenses, including drug distribution, robbery, assault, and homicide. A prosecutor that wants to try a juvenile as an adult must first file a motion to transfer the case from the juvenile criminal justice system to the adult criminal justice system. Although juveniles have the same rights in both the juvenile and the adult system, a juvenile that is tried as an adult will likely be subject to much harsher penalties in the event of a conviction, as the juvenile criminal justice system is more focused on rehabilitating a juvenile offender to help them avoid committing criminal acts in the future.

Does a juvenile have a criminal record after being charged or convicted?

Yes. However, juveniles have greater eligibility for having their criminal records expunged. A juvenile can seek expungement of their record three years after being released from custody or supervision, so long as they have not committed any new criminal offenses, have not committed any non-expugnable offenses, and have not had adult criminal charges dismissed following supervisory treatment or a record of adult criminal convictions expunged.

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