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8 Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians And Drivers

8 Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians And Drivers8 Halloween Safety Tips for Pedestrians And Drivers

As we head into the fall season and prepare for the fun that Halloween brings, it’s a good time to go over a few safety tips for drivers and pedestrians. Use the following tips to stay safe:

Know And Obey The Rules Of The Road

It’s always important to obey the rules of the road, but it may be even more important at times when there is an increase of pedestrians on the road. This includes coming to a full stop at stop signs or giving other pedestrians or drivers the right of way. It’s also a good idea to know the rules of the road if your Halloween plans include travel. If you go to a new area, be sure to review any additional laws.

Know The Pedestrian Laws

This includes knowing the pedestrian laws. In most states, including New Jersey, pedestrians usually have the right of way. Additionally, failing to stop for a pedestrian can lead to driver’s license points, fines with court costs, community service, and insurance surcharges. Pedestrians are also subject to certain laws and rules. For example, pedestrians in New Jersey must follow all pedestrian signals and use crosswalks.

Avoid Drinking And Driving

Many Halloween celebrations may involve alcoholic beverages. While the legal limit in New Jersey is .08%, levels less than this may affect your driving. It’s best to avoid drinking and driving altogether. Find other transportation or keep your celebrations to the confines of your own home.

Avoid Distractions

Distracted driving has become a big problem with the occurrence of smartphones in most aspects of our lives. It may be tempting to reach for your phone to send a quick message or to make a phone call. However, it’s best to place your phone in a place that you can’t reach or to use hands-free capabilities.

Teach Your Child Safety Rules

Whether you’re planning on walking with your child through the neighborhood or not, it’s a good time to review any safety precautions with them. Set ground rules for how far, and where they can go. Teach them what to do in the event of danger or even an accident. This ensures that everyone is prepared.

Wear Reflective Clothing

Drivers may have a hard time noticing pedestrians, especially when they’re dressed in dark colors. Wear reflective clothing and dress your child in the same.

Monitor Friends Or Other Children

Watch out for the safety of your friends, as well as your child’s friends. Don’t let anyone drive drunk and ensure they get home safe.

Be Alert As A Pedestrian

Avoiding distractions isn’t only important when driving. It is just as important when you’re a pedestrian. Look out for sidewalk cracks or heavy traffic areas. You might also avoid drinking if you have a far walk home. These things can reduce your reaction time, which can put you at risk of pedestrian accidents. If you’re injured this Halloween, make sure you consider your options. If someone else is to blame, they may also be responsible for your damages.

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