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Back to School Safety Tips to Avoid Traffic Accidents

Back to School Safety Tips to Avoid Traffic AccidentsBack to School Safety Tips to Avoid Traffic Accidents

Many households have shifted their summer schedules to the ever-changing, busy, back-to-school season. School schedules often mean that you and your family spend more time on the road. In addition to school drop off and pick up, you may be responsible for driving your child to and from different clubs and practices.

With most households spending more time on the roads, it’s important to review a few safety tips to keep everyone safe:

Avoid Distractions

Mobile phones and more intuitive driver infotainment systems have made distractions more likely to occur. While distractions are always dangerous, they may be even more so during the school season. There tend to be more children on the road and distractions may mean that you miss them.

Check The Weather Before You Leave

While we may still be enjoying what’s left of summer, fall and winter will be here before we know it. Winter brings with it cold weather and snowy or icy roads. While it’s important to take extra care when driving on slippery roads, it can also be helpful to know what to expect. Check the weather before leaving and know when to keep everyone home to avoid dangerous roads.

Reduce Speed In School Zones

School zones can be hectic. Parents are in search of their children as they rush to the rest of the day’s events. Children may be running around, spending the last few minutes of the school day with their friends. Most school zones have slower speed limits, and following these is important in keeping everyone safe.

Know The School’s Rules

In addition to the slower speed limits, it can also be helpful to know your child’s school’s rules regarding drop-offs and pick-ups. Many schools have designated areas to drop off or pick up certain kids on different schedules. This aims to reduce the amount of traffic in certain areas, making it safer for both children and parents. Know these rules before navigating the school.

It can also be helpful to brush up on city laws, like how to navigate city roads when you’re driving behind a school bus. Most cities require that you give the school bus the right of way. It can also be a good idea to take note of the different school bus stops in your neighborhood, as well as on your route.

Keeping Your Pedestrian Child Safe

If your child plans on walking to or from school, it can also be beneficial to go over a few safety precautions with them. A few of these include:

  • Only cross the street at approved areas
  • Pay attention to crossing lights and guards
  • Encourage them to avoid shortcuts, including through neighbor’s yards
  • Inform your child what to do in bad weather or if they feel unsafe

It can be beneficial to practice their walking route with them before school. This gives them the chance to learn how and when to cross certain roads.

If you or your child is injured this school year, it can also be helpful to know what to do. If anyone is injured, prioritize medical care and then consider your legal options.

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