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Steps to Take After an Airbnb Injury

Steps to Take After an Airbnb InjurySteps to Take After an Airbnb Injury

Booking an Airbnb is just one part of an exciting vacation. Not only do you get the opportunity to explore a new city, but you also get to experience living on someone else’s property. Adjusting to a new home may take some time, especially as you learn how to use appliances and features different than your own.

What happens, then, when you’re injured while staying at someone else’s property? The steps to take may differ from that if you were injured while staying at a hotel.

Common Airbnb Injuries

There are a few ways in which you may become injured while staying at an Airbnb, including:

Many of the same injuries that can occur at your own home or while visiting someone at their home can occur while renting an Airbnb. However, responsibility may vary depending on the type of injury and what caused it.

Your Rights Following An Airbnb Injury

You should have many of the same rights while staying in an Airbnb as you do when at home or in a hotel. However, you will want to notify Airbnb and the property owner of the injury as soon as possible. It’s also important to document any medical care you receive. If possible, take photos of the dangerous situation. Determining liability will depend on the type of accident and whether the property owner knew or should have known about it.

The good thing is that property owners who sign up with Airbnb are required to carry insurance on the property. This insurance should be available to you for your injuries or property damage. It’s possible for your injuries to exceed the insurance available. If this happens, it may be worth it to reach out to a lawyer and pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Who’s Liable In An Airbnb Property Accident?

Liability depends on the type of accident and what caused it. If you slip and fall in the home due to a loose floorboard, it may be the property owner’s responsibility. If you left the stove on, which caused a fire, you may be to blame. Some accidents aren’t as clear, and it may be necessary to complete further investigation to determine liability.

Recoverable Costs In An Airbnb Lawsuit

Depending on the type of injury, you could be left to deal with a long list of costs. Some of these costs may include medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and pain and suffering. Filing a claim with a lawyer can help you recover any costs that aren’t compensated through the property owner’s insurance policy.

When To Contact An Airbnb Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffered costly expenses following an Airbnb injury, it may be worth it to reach out to a lawyer. If Airbnb or the insurance company has denied your claim or isn’t properly compensating you for your injuries, it may also be worth it to reach out to a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer can help fight for your rights and get the compensation you need to recover.

Contact a Little Falls Personal Injury Lawyer to Discuss Your Airbnb Injury Case in New Jersey

Did you or a loved one sustain serious injuries due to an Airbnb accident in New Jersey? Don’t let the medical bills pile up while you wait for the negligent party or their insurance company to do the right thing. Right now, you need an aggressive personal injury attorney on your side, fighting to get you the compensation you need, want, and deserve. The skilled attorneys at Camili & Capo, PA represent clients injured because of an Airbnb accident in Little Falls, Hackensack, Newark, New Brunswick, and throughout New Jersey. Call (973) 834-8457 or email us to schedule a free consultation about your case. We have an office conveniently located at 1 Lower Notch Road, Little Falls, NJ 07424, as well as offices in Hackensack, Newark, and New Brunswick, NJ.

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