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Car Accidents and Concussions: What Parents Need to Know if Their Child Sustains One

Car Accidents and Concussions: What Parents Need to Know if Their Child Sustains OneCar Accidents and Concussions: What Parents Need to Know if Their Child Sustains One

A car accident can be frightening regardless of your age. If you’re in a car accident with your child in the car, you may feel even more afraid. You may worry about their safety and wellbeing, and how well they’ll recover. You may wonder how you’ll afford their recovery costs and who will care for them while you’re working.

What To Do Following A Car Accident With Your Child

Immediate medical care should always be a priority following a car accident. However, it may be even more important when there is a child in the car. One of the biggest challenges of being in a car accident with a young child is that they may not be able to communicate pain or injuries to you. Some injuries, including a concussion, may not even arise until much later.

What Is A Concussion?

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs when the head suffers an impact. This may occur in a car accident by the head hitting the seat in front of you or the child’s car seat.

Symptoms Of A Concussion

The symptoms of a concussion are typically headache, nausea, balance difficulties, or sensitivity to light or noise. While children may also experience these symptoms, they may show them differently. They may cry more without the ability to be consoled. They may want to sleep more or have difficulty staying asleep. Children who are a little older may show their pain or confusion by a lack of emotional regulation.

The symptoms of a concussion may not begin immediately after the accident. Some people may be subject to delayed symptoms, which begin 24-48 hours after the injury. A full medical evaluation is always a good idea following a car accident. The medical provider will evaluate you and your child for any signs of a concussion or other potential injuries.

Recovery From A Concussion

There is no cure for a concussion. However, there are things that your medical provider may recommend, including rest or medications. The good thing is that most children will recover from a concussion, but it will take time.

Determining Responsibility For Your Child’s Concussion

There are many psychological and financial costs of a concussion. In addition to the initial medical treatment, most medical providers will recommend frequent testing to ensure the brain is healing following a concussion. You may decide to take time off from work to monitor and help your child in their recovery. The process can also be overwhelming for the whole family.

If another driver is responsible for your child’s concussion, then it’s only right that they help cover the incurred costs. You may be able to recover costs for medical bills, lost wages, childcare, or pain and suffering through a personal injury case. New Jersey requires that you prove negligence, which means that the driver acted in a way that led to the accident and your child’s injury.

While you may be focused on your child’s recovery, it’s important to keep in mind that New Jersey has a limit of just two years from the accident to file a case.

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